Top 9 major priorities and results for our Adelaide.

I stand for Community, Safety, Culture and Environment, together with an easier public voice platform for residents, business owners and the general public.

  1. I will make the city more safe both during the day, the night and at weekends.
  2. Together with the cooperation of the various organisations, the Adelaide business owners and the general public, I will lead the way to end street homelessness in the City of Adelaide in my first 60 days in office.
  3. I will make the city more accessible with a commitment to providing designated free parking areas. I will work collaboratively with my council and other parties involved to closely examine every possible location to establish designated free parking areas within the city and surrounding streets, as well as converting some paid street parking into free parking.
  4. I will raise awareness and work to improve our citizens’ internet security, protecting our privacy and our data; starting in-house, with council. To expand, I will create a dedicated awareness team offering regular seminars and workshops; education resources and tools to help support this cause, thus providing a better understanding and solutions of how to protect ourselves, our businesses and our families in this fast-advancing “online world”. This service will be free for city businesses, schools and residents.
  5. I will keep your Council Rates low and further improve customer service for Ratepayers
  6. I will address Heritage building restrictions and work to provide incentives and rebates to listed owners
  7. I will bring more community involvement, street parties, festivals and variety to our city’s entertainment, nightlife and cultural scene
  8. I will advocate to complete major projects including the development of 88 O’Connell Street and progressively upgrade our streets and Park Lands
  9. I will give the people of Adelaide a stronger voice via public platforms to share their opinion, thoughts and feedback on Adelaide matters

Other Policy Points Include:

  1. I will support local business owners with access to exclusive resources for attracting, retaining and growing their customer base, whilst advocating to support local. This will also improve commercial vacancies and boost occupancy rates as more local businesses can survive the long-term
  2. I will advocate for phasing out, then banning single-use plastics in the city area within the next two years

Strong Leadership

As an independent advocate with no political affiliations or vested commercial interests, I will represent the people’s voice and address community needs within a more unified, transparent council. I will lead with confidence and common sense towards a clear, sustainable long-term vision.

Community Voice

I’m passionate about making council more user-friendly and approachable to all. Easier platforms for voicing opinions and providing feedback on local matters will assist in more effective, local decision-making.

Balance & Respect Old with New

Preserve the quality, charm and uniqueness of our city as we bring in the new. We must create a balance and let our heritage and character buildings work for us, not against us. Let’s make Adelaide more vibrant, attractive and occupied once again with incentives and rebates for listed owners.

I seek your support for election in November 2018.

As your elected Lord Mayor I will lead the City of Adelaide into a more vibrant, stable and truly exciting future. Let’s not hold back any longer! I look forward to representing you.