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Every city has its own unique DNA, one size fits all never works!

Dear friends, I want to get involved with the real issues and work on substantial matters that make a difference, not just where the gold robe and do what I’m told to.

We live in very strange times, now more than ever we need initiative leadership, someone that has what it takes to make a difference, someone that cares more about our backyard and less about how we can be aligned with other cities on the other side of the world.

I’m not here to promise more trees and to vaguely say that I will improve the City Life etc. I’m here to address crucial matters that will determine our future way of living our health & prosperity.

The last 4 years there had been “serious matters” that have come up and “must be attended to”. Matters that no one is talking about, matters that in the near future could alter much more the way we have been accustom to live.

Now more than ever We must Reignite our Local Community, a local community that we can rely upon.

Top major priorities and results for our Adelaide.

1. Equip our city with electronic equipment that measures the electromagnetic radiation we all are exposed to from the cell phone towers. 

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We need a healthy environment to live in, and to contribute to this I will equip our city with electronic equipment that measures the electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone towers and any other wireless communication structure.

The levels of radiation we are exposed to are a big concern to me, as the companies that benefit from them are not been surveilled in anyway to ensure
that the amount of exposure we all have are in the levels permitted.

2. Secure the personal data and privacy of our citizens

The personal information of our citizens must be properly protected, all this data must be operated within an intranet with no exposure to any private companies or foreign nations.

The City councils computer systems must have the ability to block Facebook Instagram or any other social media sites including Google as this exposure puts in serious jeopardy the personal data and privacy of our citizens, for this I will work with the appropriate specialists to achieve maximum security!

3. Stop facial recognition cameras from rolling out in the city.

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We all deserve to live freely and not to be traced and tracked every single moment of our lives, that’s why I pledge to stop facial recognition cameras from rolling out in the city.

4 No more rough sleeping. 

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Together with the various homeless organisations, the Adelaide business owners and the general public, I will lead the way to end street homelessness in the City of Adelaide in my first 60 days in office.

Also I will make sure that the appropriate homeless centres services etc. do their job for the ones that don’t, I will take action to cut down any government funding and allocated to the organisations that care.

5. Hindley Street

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In the 1st year of taking office the Hindley Street area will be more enjoyable and perfectly safe for everyone.
I have personally experience Hindley Street and have established that most if not all of the businesses there, are sufficient and comply with their responsibilities, what I have discovered to the problems we face there is that the appropriate authorities are not in harmony between them and that’s why we see this mess on the street.

6. Transparency

Transparency is a big thing for me, it is reasonable to say that it is not appropriate for contracts and agreements between the Adelaide City Council and third parties to be confidential, this must stop immediately as the people must have trust in their public officials, when you have nothing to hide you do everything in the open and that’s the way it must be.

7. Stop Uber

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Up to this day I cannot understand why Uber is allowed to operate within our country, I feel that this is unfair to our local professionals, as Australian taxi companies and taxi owners work hard to provide us with a quality service, they offer strict training to their drivers that insure our safety, they pay far more for their vehicles and are under constant scrutiny by authorities as they are clearly visible.

I will do whatever is necessary and to my ability to stop Uber operating within our city, by stopping Uber, we will be supporting our community as money earned will “remain in South Australia and not be “transferred” to the U.S.

8. Free parking

There’s no doubt that the last 2/2 years the mismanagement an overreaction of most of our leaders and public officials has resorted to much hardship to our local businesses, now more than ever is the time to support them and our local community.

I will make the city more accessible with a commitment to providing designated free parking areas. I will work collaboratively with my council and other parties involved to closely examine every possible location to establish designated free parking areas within the city and surrounding streets, as well as converting some paid street parking into free parking.

Free parking will attract more people within the city therefore more business for everyone.

9. Keep your Council Rates low

I will keep your Council Rates low and further improve customer service for Ratepayers.

10. Wi-Fi networks will be scrutinised, as well as the health dangers that come from them.

I will introduce hard wiring to all Internet routers to any day-care schools and universities within the CBD

and bring awareness of the health dangers from radiation exposure.

11. Ban mobile phones from schools and universities

“I will ask for the banning of mobile phones for the students as that will improve their concentration increase their social skills and decrease any bad behaviour.

12. Free Workshops radiation exposure from Wi-Fi Bluetooth and any wireless devices.

“I will initiate and lead free workshops that will educate our local government staff members, teachers and kids about the serious health dangers of radiation exposure from Wi-Fi Bluetooth and any wireless devices as they are the leading cause of many health problems interrupt our focus and sleeping patterns.

Other Policy Points Include:

  1. I will support local business owners with access to exclusive resources for attracting, retaining and growing their customer base, whilst advocating to support local. This will also improve commercial vacancies and boost occupancy rates as more local businesses can survive the long-term
  2. I will advocate for phasing out, then banning single-use plastics in the city area within the next two years

Strong Leadership

As an independent advocate with no political affiliations or vested commercial interests, I will represent the people’s voice and address community needs within a more unified, transparent council. I will lead with confidence and common sense towards a clear, sustainable long-term vision.

Community Voice

I’m passionate about making council more user-friendly and approachable to all. Easier platforms for voicing opinions and providing feedback on local matters will assist in more effective, local decision-making.

Balance & Respect Old with New

Preserve the quality, charm and uniqueness of our city as we bring in the new. We must create a balance and let our heritage and character buildings work for us, not against us. Let’s make Adelaide more vibrant, attractive and occupied once again with incentives and rebates for listed owners.

I seek your support for election in November 2022.

As your elected Lord Mayor I will lead the City of Adelaide into a more vibrant, stable and truly exciting future. Let’s not hold back any longer! I look forward to representing you.