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I will be leaving Adelaide.
The last 13 years my experience within the CBD was not good, adding that Adelaide is becoming a health hazard and that the majority of the Adelaide city council members are allowing us to be treated as criminals, after these local elections and if not elected I will be moving out to a place that I can be self sufficient and live freely.
As I see it by me running is the last contribution to Adelaide and the people that live here. My friend’s open your eyes and start researching as the years ahead and your future does not look good!
Below is a video i suggest to all my fellow candidates Rex Patrick , Gupta Vivek, Jane Lomax-Smith for Lord Mayor 2022 , Sandy Verschoor to watch and get to know about the Social Credit System, also please let us know do you support this Smart Prison City and if not what are you going to do about it? https://www.facebook.com/OpenVoicePage/videos/5637852092941589
More about my priorities for Adelaide please visit my website at www.votestevenkelly.com.au