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I was attacked on Hindley Street, had no assistance and support as a business owner though I did requested it numerous times!
I put myself out there and what did I get, I was mistreated humiliated and a response as I was coming from another planet, for just trying to contribute using common sense and run my businesses there.
My friends I have personally experience Hindley Street and have established that most if not all of the businesses there, are sufficient and comply with their responsibilities, what I have discovered to the problems we face on the Street area on Hindley Street, is that the appropriate authorities the Adelaide City Council and the CBS are not in harmony between them and that’s why we see this mess on the street.
If elected I will take charge and in the 1st year of taking office the Hindley Street area will be more enjoyable and perfectly safe for everyone.
Also i suggest to all my fellow candidates Rex Patrick , Gupta Vivek, Jane Lomax-Smith for Lord Mayor 2022 , Sandy Verschoor as you don’t even walk on Hindley Street, to watch this video and get to know what is happening here, let us know what are you going to do about the negligence, dysfunction, responsibility and accountability of the people and local government departments involved.
More about my priorities for Adelaide please visit my website at www.votestevenkelly.com.au