Dear fellow candidates are you a globalist or a Australian local politician?

Do you endorse these Global Agendas, the people must know who they are voting for.

Rex Patrick , Gupta Vivek, Jane Lomax-Smith for Lord Mayor 2022 and Sandy Verschoor do you know about the 2030 Agenda, The Great Reset, Build Back Better Global Agendas? Are you aligned with them, complicit ignorant or against?

You could ask me why should I know about them as they are global agendas and I would agree with you, if these agendas would not affect our local communities.

To plan ahead and solve any particular problem, You Must Know The Problem!

I am personally following your election campaigns and I am disappointed as I have not seen any real initiative or substantial problems discussed, also I have been addressing serious matters to you and have seen no response!

Pledging that you will plant more trees protect the park lands and the Heritage buildings this time will not cut it as there are enormous problems and unrest ahead.

This is the reason I’m posting this today and have emailed you directly this Open Letter that requires your personal response.

We are living in very strange times and the near future does not look good, our society has been through pre planned major life changing events and many more events are ahead, that will alter more and more the way we have been accustom to live.

In my view now more than ever, it is very important, today’s politicians, public servants, bureaucrats and anyone that is involved with federal or local government, to have a broad understanding of what is happening around the world, they must research do their homework, educate themselves on the Global Agendas that are being rolled out by the Global Government.

It is not hard to find out this information, you just need to want to, you can start here Alternative Commentators 

If you just do a bit of research everything is out there in the open, it’s clear that the Global Government and Global Corporate Companies are working together, are attempting to change our perception of reality, lead us to Their New Normal, it is also clear that for them to succeed, they will be continuing to put us through ongoing manufactured global disturbing events, keeping everyone in a state of fear and disorientation.

What is expected is inhuman and disgusting, and can be dealt only by people that have no vested interests, are against these agendas, people that are aware about these agendas.

We are in too deep and now, we will not be able to avoid the planned economic collapse, the war like environment that is been promoted, fear of nuclear and radiation exposure, food shortages, energy shortages, disruption of the internet and more that could bring civil unrest, more sickness and more deaths around the world.

If you do a bit of research you will see that they are using the method, Problem Reaction Solution and you to will reach the conclusion that these pre planned life changing events are manufactured and executed by the Global Government and Corporate Global Companies to bring us all to our knees and for us (THE PEOPLE), to accept their New Normal.

In my opinion some of you are just ignorant about the serious problems we are expecting ahead, others of you could know about these agendas and have chosen to be silent and complicit, you have accepted and endorsed this new normal and just looking out for your selves and you own families, you do not care about anyone else and believe that are special, that you will not be affected by what is coming, but this is were you are wrong, no one person is special to the eyes of this Global Government and at the end no one will be excluded.

As I mentioned above, we are in too deep and we like it or not, we will be going through this hardship but, knowing this information and keeping our self’s informed gives us the opportunity to prepare an address the real issues and problems within our home City, prepare reignite Our Local Communities, a Local Community that we can depend upon.

That’s why it is important for the people to know your views on this matter, are you aware about these agendas, who do you stand with are you a Globalist or an Australian Local Politician?

Waiting for your response to this matter

Steven Kelly


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