Press release 1st Nov 2022

I’m born here in Adelaide I have Greek heritage as my parents are Greek and through my life I have been active in both countries.

From a young boy I’ve been self employed as being self employed gives you the ability to live as you wish freely, as  I thought prior 2020.

I have been involved within different Industries, I have been the owner of IT web hosting and internet solutions companies to Dance education businesses

entertainment agencies and hospitality venues.

The last 13 years, I have been living and running my businesses in Adelaide within the CBD

I have been interacting frequently with the Adelaide City Council the CBS and the authorities, through this experience I must confess that I am very disappointed.

On top of that, in 2020 we had this health crisis At our most vulnerable time local government

was absent.

Adelaide needs to go a bit old school, it needs a traditional Mayer that does his homework that will voice his opinion, that takes initiative and can deal

with substantial issues and problems.

We are living in very strange times, from the research and information I have up to today we are in deep trouble.

About my fellow candidates, I am personally following your campaigns and I am disappointed as I have not seen any real initiative,

also I have been addressing serious matters to you, by email my website Facebook posts within my videos and on the 25th Oct 2022 I did address you in person, at the Belgian Beer Café Oostende function space we all attended and still have had no any response from you whatsoever.


Some of my priorities are:

1) Stop facial recognition cameras.

2) Protect us from the radiation we are exposed from the Cell Towers.

3) Boost our local businesses and try to keep them open

when the next Lockdown or something similar is requested.

4) Keep your Council Rates low.

5) Homeless: No more rough sleeping within 60 days in office.

6) Hindley Street will be perfectly safe within 12 months in office.

7) Stop rental E-scooters.

8) Stop Uber operating within the city.

9) Transparency, everything will be done in the open.

For those that could say but you will not have so much authority to accomplish some of your pledges my answer is simple,

I’m very resourceful, Where There is a Will There is a Way!

We need to reignite our local community, a local community that we can rely upon a local community

that will give us the opportunity to continue living our lives as human beans

My friends no empty promises, I am the only candidate that had the boots on the ground the last 13 years, if elected be sure that the next 4 years

will be very  productive interesting and  you will have plenty to talk about.

For more about my priorities and to watch my videos go to

I have putting in the work now it’s up to you to get to know more.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Steven Kelly

Always putting things in motion.

Steven Kelly is a forward-thinking businessman and entrepreneur raised in a combination of business and entertainment environments from a young age.

Entrepreneur & Business

Steven Kelly is the owner/operator of new function centre in the Adelaide CBD – The Loft Adelaide, founding CEO of local IT company – Dollynet , Director & CEO of entertainment agency Euroagency International and director of a public company – coffee shop/cafe brand project under development, Frappe ®. Steven is also a life-long patron and continues to represent, grow and support his family’s name legacy with the “Kelly” franchise dance studios; the first of which was established by his parents right here in Adelaide in 1964. The current Kelly Dance Studios operates under licence. Aside from owning and operating his own successful businesses, in the past 4 years he has contributed to Adelaide’s nightlife and hospitality sector as General Manager, Consultant and Advisor to some of Adelaide’s most recognized businesses, providing a fresh approach and various business initiatives. As a passionate advocate for our city’s culture, he has also volunteered his time to assist other business owners during various business transitions, offering support, advice and solutions.

Strong Leadership

Steven Kelly was born in Adelaide, and is a strong, decisive leader who has run his own businesses since 18 years old; with many savvy and lucrative decisions, deals and projects along the way both nationally and internationally. He is an active do-er who doesn’t let the grass grow between his feet.

Resident & City Advocate

Steven believes that a true sense of community is at the heart of every city, and that Adelaide deserves to be a more vibrant, fun, safer city! Having lived as a resident and worked in the city for over 12 years, Steven’s life experience combines hard work, forward thinking and community spirit with creativity, a sense of enjoyment and a clear vision.

Personal Interests

His personal interests include exploring the many unique experiences Adelaide has to offer, cycling, hiking, enjoying our Parklands, attending our festivals & street events, dancing, world history, theatre entertainment and shows, staying up to date with technology, travel, and cultural tourism.

I seek your support for election in November 2022.

As your elected Lord Mayor I will lead the City of Adelaide into a more vibrant, stable and truly exciting future. Let’s not hold back any longer! I look forward to representing you