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Do we really hold local elections? Or is this all just a FACADE?
In 2018 NO IDs were Required and an Open Box was used as a Ballot Box.
Elections must be transparent and properly processed, that’s why IDs must be required to be presented and valid sealed secured ballot boxes must be in place!
Like the federal elections it is important to secure the people’s vote and for no one to have the ability to adjust the outcome 😅😜
For that reason I would kindly ask Clare Mockler the CEO of the Adelaide City Council City of Adelaide to publicly layout the process for us, what happens to the votes when mailed in ? Where are the votes stored? Is there security cameras within the area the votes are stored? When the votes are moved around is there a licenced security agent present at all times? Who has access to our votes? Clare do you have the ability to keep our votes safe and secure our local elections from any fraudulent behavior?
Also I would strongly suggest for everyone to Stop Voting By Post and Go Vote In Person, as that is the only way to secure that your vote will be counted properly!
Attention to Rex Patrick , Gupta Vivek, Jane Lomax-Smith for Lord Mayor 2022 , Sandy Verschoor please let us know your opinion about this minor issue…